Sunday, June 23, 2024

Art Life and Stilettos is back home after getting her kicks on Route 66

After weeks of exploring America, Art Life and Stilettos is finally back home. I spent the good part of two weeks on the great American road trip: driving across America on Route 66, and trust me the song doesn’t do it justice.

I started out in my hometown of Toronto, then drove straight to Chicago where I spent two nights. After that it was 66 all the way to Los Angeles, California. On the way I saw many interesting and odd sights, and visited many friendly and unique towns. From Joliet, Illinois to St. Louis, Missouri; Springfield; Stanton; Bourbon; Rolla;  Baxter Springs, Kansas; Vinita, Oklahoma; Oklahoma City; Elk City; Texola; Amarillo, Texas; Santa Rosa, New Mexico; Santa Fe; Albuquerque; Pertified Forest, Arizona; Flagstaff; The Grand Canyon; Seligman, Arizona; Oatman; Barstow, California; and finally through Los Angeles all the way to the Santa Monica Pier.

There were so many other towns we visited, there is just no way I can mention all of them. Let me tell you that the trip was amazing, lots of fun, relaxing and gave me a true taste of real American Car Culture. I will never forget my time driving through the mid and south-west and hope beyond hopes that I have the opportunity to do it again. I highly reccomend the drive for anyone itching to do a road trip. Oh, and LA? I envy your weather more than you will ever understand. Yesterday in Toronto IT SNOWED!! Take me back to Paridise City, please…

Seeing as I can’t show you every picture from my trip, I’ll start with a few highlights from Chicago. I hope to keep sharing interesting photos with you in future posts.




I wanted to attend the Lyric Opera of Chicago production of Handel’s Hercules, featuring Eric Owens, Alice Coote, David Daniels, Lucy Crowe and Richard Croft, but alas I could not locate any tickets. Instead I attended a wonderful concert by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. The evening featured three perfect Saturday night pieces: Berlioz Roman Carnival Overture, Penderecki Concerto grosso for Three Cellos and Orchestra, and the beautiful Elgar Enigma Variations. The concert was conducted by Charles Dutoit (not Muti) and featured cellists John Sharp, Kenneth Olsen and Katinka Kleijn. The evening was superb.

I snapped a few photos after the concert:


Get well soon, Maestro.

After highbrow symphony we hit up some dirty blues at Kingston Mines. This is where I tried Rib Tips for the first time. Sometimes I wish I asked what a dish actually consists of before ordering it, even if it is a Chicago specialty. Anyone else try Rib Tips? What do you think?


Here’s a picture of B.L.U.E.S. right across the street in Blues Alley:


Love you Chicago, can’t wait to return.

xoxo Art LIfe and Stilettos


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