Sunday, June 16, 2024

The Amici Ensemble let the critics program their next performance. Are they crazy or brilliant?

Critics and artists are often dependent on each other for their careers, and can blame failure on one another as well. The critic’s job is to analyze and discuss perceived problems while acknowledging success. Amici Chamber Ensemble has decided to make the critic an integral part of the process, rather than an observer at the conclusion, by asking some of Toronto’s most influential critics to personally suggest the repertoire that Amici will play. John Terauds (Toronto Star), John Van Driel (Classical 96.3 FM) and Colin Eatock (Globe and Mail) are the three critics who have contributed by helping to program Amici’s latest project.

What do you think? Is it a brilliant idea to let the judges of your work contribute to the final product, or is it crazy to let an outsider have imput on your work? I’d love to hear your responses in the comments section.

The critics will be present to share why they picked their part of the program. Can you guess who picked what?

This concert also includes a piece by one of the graduating students of the composition class in the Claude Watson Arts Program at Earl Haig Secondary School. Amici participates annually in workshops which give young composers an opportunity to explore the art of trio writing with the ultimate prize being to share the best of these compositions with an audience, performed by the prestigious Amici Ensemble.

Artistic Directors Joaquin Valdpenas (clarinet), David Hetherington (cello) and Serouj Kradjian (piano) will be joined by Yehonatan Berick (violin), Min-Jeong Koh (violin) and Barry Shiffman (viola) to perform the following outstanding program of chamber music gems:

EARL HAIG SECONDARY SCHOOL winning student composition for clarinet, cello and piano

BEETHOVEN Trio Op. 11 for piano, clarinet and cello

POULENC Sonata for clarinet and piano

ELGAR Piano Quintet


Tickets: $45 (Adult), $40 (Senior), $10 (Student)
Call Box Office: (416) 872-4255

http:// amiciensemble amiciensemble


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